Dairy farmers, the government and the milk industry agree to a ‘fair share’ of farm subsidies

Dairy farmers and the Government of India have agreed to a “fair share” of farm subsidy payments. 

The Dairy and Milk Promotion and Support Authority (DMPAAS) said in a statement on Monday that a proposal by the government will be discussed with the DMPAAS on December 15 and December 17.

The dairy farmers and stakeholders had demanded an increase of about 2% in farm subsidies for all agricultural producers over the next five years, including dairy farmers.

The farmers want to know if the government is willing to include them in a fair share package.

The DMPAAs proposal includes an increase in farm subsidy for the top 10% of farmers and top 10-15% of dairy farmers in a package. 

Farmers have been demanding for a higher increase of farm subsidies in recent years. 

In October, India’s Chief Economic Advisor S.N. Subrahmanyam wrote to farmers to ensure that farmers were not being penalised. 

He said the government would seek their feedback on the draft policy and take appropriate action if farmers do not agree to the proposed increase.

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