How to Make a Cockroach Milk & Honey Cockroach Recipe

How to make a Cockroaches Milk & honey Cockroach recipe for home cooks.

Ingredients Cockroach & Honey Ingredients Ingredients 1 large cockroach 2-4 cups of water 3-4 tablespoons honey (or more) 1/2 cup milk or honeycomb (or other) Instructions Place the cockroaches in a pot of boiling water and cook for about 30 minutes.

Remove the cockroach from the water, rinse it thoroughly with cold water, and place it back in the water.

Place the lid on the pot and place the lid back on the stove.

Let the temperature of the water reach about 100-120 degrees Celsius (212-266 degrees Fahrenheit).

After 30 minutes, the water should be boiling, but you can check it by checking it with a finger.

The water should turn into clear, clear liquid.

Let it cool completely before serving.

You can also serve the milk or the honeycomb in water or ice cream.


References The Guardian, ‘Nutrition Facts for Cockroach Milk & Honeys Cockroach Recipes’.

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