When Is Raw Milk Made?

On Thursday, a New York City judge ruled that raw milk can’t be labeled as “natural,” citing the Supreme Court ruling in Whole Foods vs. Jones that “natural” is defined broadly to include all foods that are produced without added sugar, salt, antibiotics, or other substances that could be harmful to humans. 

The decision in New York State vs. Raw Milk Co. was brought on by two mothers who filed a lawsuit against the city in 2011, arguing that they couldn’t have milk in their stores if they were “natural.” 

“It was our belief that the law in New Jersey was in fact ambiguous on the question of whether milk is ‘natural,’ and that the district court correctly held that it is not,” a spokesperson for the New York Attorney General’s office told The Washington Post.

“While the court agreed with the district courts conclusion that the term ‘natural’ includes all foods produced without additives, antibiotics and synthetic chemicals, it held that New Jersey’s definition of natural includes milk.” 

The case was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, which is in Brooklyn. 

In 2011, a federal judge ruled against the plaintiffs in the case, arguing “the word ‘natural'” in the law means all foods “produced without additives” or “produced with a view to maintaining a healthy diet.”

The ruling was later reversed, but the case was brought before the New Jersey Supreme Court, where the case is now before a panel of judges. 

“[The judges] said they had to weigh the harm to humans who consume raw milk with the benefits to consumers of the product,” the spokesperson said.

“The court is now considering whether to take this case further, or to issue an opinion.” 

When Raw Milk Comes to MarketRaw milk isn’t necessarily as safe as it sounds, and even some mainstream manufacturers are not quite sure how to market the product.

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Dr. Michael Siegel, an expert on the science of health, said the FDA and the FDA itself have not been completely clear on the best way to market raw milk. 

“They are going to have to be very, very cautious about marketing the product, but it has the potential to be really safe,” Siegel told Cooper. 

For now, raw milk has been around for over a century, and is a staple in many traditional cultures.

“The word ‘raw’ is derived from the Latin word for milk,” Dr. Mark Siegel of Johns Hopkins University told CNN.

“So the word ‘roast’ means to roast or roast the milk.

And ‘pork’ means the milk.””

There is a large market for raw milk in America, and there is a growing demand for it, so it’s a natural product that’s going to be around for a long time,” Skelle said.”

I would say that the FDA is very cautious because the science has not proven that raw foods are safe.”

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