Dairy drink ‘cures’ dry milk syndrome

Dairy drink is being used as a cure for the severe dehydration and fatigue associated with dry milk consumption.

A Japanese company is offering dehydrated milk substitute (DMS) that contains a high concentration of sodium.

Drink maker Nippon Milk Products has introduced the dehydrated drink on its website.

The product, which is made from powdered milk and has been specially formulated to help people recover faster from dehydration, contains about 30 grams of sodium per bottle, compared to about 50 grams for regular milk.

It is intended to help to combat dry milk deficiency.

It comes with a bottle of the product and is marketed as the DMS Miracle, a name that is also used for other dehydrated products, including powdered milk substitutes.

The company said in a press release that it is working with local authorities to sell the product to consumers.

“It is believed that DMS can be a lifesaver for people suffering from dehydration.

DMS is a natural ingredient that can be consumed with regular milk, but dehydrated dairy products, such as the Nippons Miracle, are especially popular among those who are suffering from dry milk symptoms.

Nippon said that it has made a product for dehydrated people that can help treat the dehydration and improve the quality of life.

The Japanese company said the Dms Miracle is suitable for people aged 18 years and older who are in a dehydrated state and who have been drinking water with reduced sodium levels for at least three days.”

If the person has any kind of fever or symptoms of dehydration, it is important that they should go to the doctor to find out if they are dehydrated,” it said.”

This is especially important if the person’s body temperature is higher than 32 degrees Celsius (104.4 Fahrenheit), and the person needs help with eating.

“The company also said that Nippo has been working with its customers to increase the concentration of salt in the product, as well as making sure that people who drink DMS don’t have to pay for a second bottle of it.”

There is a danger that if people drink a DMS product that is already full of salt, the product may become full of sodium, so we are encouraging people to use Nippos Miracle to reduce the amount of salt they are drinking,” the company said. 

According to the company, people who are dehydrating due to dry milk should not drink more than two bottles of DMS per day.

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