Fairlife chocolatemilk recipe

It may be one of the most commonly-used brands of milk in the world, but Fairlife is one of a small handful of companies that make it exclusively for the US.

They make it for both women and men, and the price tag is a little more than $1,000 per liter.

Fairlife milk, like almond milk, has no artificial ingredients or flavorings, so it tastes exactly like it’s made from real milk.

The only difference is that the brand has to be refrigerated for up to six months before it can be sold.

You may be tempted to buy Fairlife products for a quick fix, but the truth is that these products are expensive and don’t make the best choice for long-term storage.

FairLife is not just for women.

They sell for $4.95 per liter at most grocery stores.

And they’re only available in the US and Canada.

This makes the milk that much more expensive than a similar brand made in other countries.

This article originally appeared in The Huffington Post.

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