I’m in a relationship with a vegan and I’m worried about the future of our country

The US is in a state of a “frozen civil war” between a small group of extremists and a larger group of supporters of the movement for veganism, according to a new survey.

The findings show a stark divide between the vegan community and the mainstream.

The survey, conducted by Public Policy Polling, found that a quarter of the respondents said they would be less likely to vote in the upcoming election if they could no longer vote because of their vegan beliefs.

The poll also found that people in the vegan movement are less likely than those in the US to trust politicians to protect their animal rights.

The survey found that vegan advocates are more likely to support Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump than Republicans, while the American public is more supportive of President Barack Obama and Republicans than the President of the United States.

The result is a stark contrast to the public perception that the country is moving toward a “war on animals”, said pollster Joel Benenson, who conducted the survey for the pollster.

“It’s a very different world than what the American people have been living in for decades,” Mr Benenson told ABC News.

He added that while the public generally agrees that animal rights are an important issue, it’s clear that people are confused about how to go about fighting the war on animals.

“I think the public has had a pretty hard time grasping that it’s not really an issue that’s going to go away,” he said.

The results come after a US Supreme Court decision last month that said states could require businesses to treat animals humanely, but said that they could not require people to take part in animal testing.

The Supreme Court ruled that businesses could not ban people from wearing masks or other face coverings in order to prevent animals from suffering, but not require them to participate in animal tests.

The ruling also ruled that it was legal for people to dress in veg-friendly clothes, but the law does not require businesses or universities to require students to wear them.

The new survey found the public still does not see the issue of animal rights as a big issue.

Forty-five per cent of Americans believe that animal welfare issues are not important in the country, while just 25 per cent say the same.

But the survey found people were more likely than not to see the vegan ideology as an issue in the next presidential election.

The poll also showed that the public believes that the US should end its trade embargo on China, but that it is unlikely that the White House would be able to negotiate an agreement to end the trade embargo with the country.

In terms of the presidential race, the poll found that former Texas Governor Rick Perry was the most popular candidate, with 46 per cent supporting him and 39 per cent against.

Mr Perry also topped the list of most popular US politicians, followed by retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, former senator Rick Santorum, former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio, and former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

Mr Trump, who made headlines last month when he said that he is “very comfortable” with the idea of slaughterhouses being turned into “meat packing plants”, was also a contender for the Whitehouse nomination, but he has not yet launched his campaign.

The American public also sees the vegan approach to food as not having much impact on their diet.

A quarter of Americans said that their diets were not influenced by veganism while only 14 per cent said they were influenced at all, the survey showed.

Despite this, the public was not necessarily concerned about the vegan agenda.

The majority of people surveyed, 53 per cent, said they do not think the movement has an impact on the health of their own country, and only 17 per cent did so about the US food supply.

But Mr Benison told ABC Radio the vegan message has had an impact in the world.

“What you’re seeing here is that the people who are the most vocal about it, the most engaged in it, are the people that are the least likely to be vegan in their daily lives,” he explained.


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