This is how your next Facebook post will look: How a ‘fake news’ site has become a ‘new normal’

A photo of a man wearing a mask to cover his face and wearing a fake beard was shared by a Facebook page with the intention of making it look like a news story.

The post has been shared more than 14,000 times, with many of the comments praising the photo as being “authentic”.

However, in a statement posted to the page, the man in the mask claimed he was “not an actor”, saying that he was a professional who “just loves to play”.

“I love to be the mask for others to look like their favourite celebrities,” he said.

“The mask is a way to get in touch with your inner selfie and it’s my way of expressing my inner self.”

The photo has since been deleted.

The Facebook page, titled ‘What the hell is a fake news post?’, is one of a number of “fake news” sites that have sprung up in recent months.

“Fake news” has been one of the most common terms used to describe the spread of misinformation on social media, according to the University of California-Berkeley’s Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism (CSIC).

However, many fake news sites have been operating for a long time, with fake news websites such as Infowars being the most popular online source of news in the US.

The site has been a mainstay of the right-wing conspiracy theory-obsessed US for years, with articles such as the conspiracy theory ‘Trump is actually a Nazi’ and the conspiracy theories ‘Hillary will destroy the United States’ and ‘Hillary Clinton’s coronavirus is the real killer’.

Infowar has featured a number, including former FBI director James Comey’s testimony about a “Trump-Russia” collusion, as well as claims about Hillary Clinton’s “emotional health”.

Earlier this year, an article on the site was removed after a woman accused it of being a “virus spreader”, which led to a warning from Facebook about the site’s content.

Infowarp is a notorious site that has been banned by Facebook, with the site having more than 1.8 million likes, a rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars and a circulation of almost 4 million people. “

We do not and will not remove content we find to be in violation of these guidelines.”

Infowarp is a notorious site that has been banned by Facebook, with the site having more than 1.8 million likes, a rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars and a circulation of almost 4 million people.

A screenshot of the Infowarm article shared by the Facebook page.

Source: Facebook (US) Facebook has previously banned several fake news publishers from the platform.

It has also recently taken steps to combat fake news by introducing stricter verification requirements.

But the new rule on fake news has drawn criticism from some members of the media.

“Facebook has a history of censoring the mainstream media, including the Washington Post and CNN,” editor-in-chief Ben Smith told Business Insider.

“I hope that this new policy will be enforced.”

He added that “fake-news” sites are often more difficult to filter because they are usually far more visible than mainstream news sites.

“When Facebook is targeting fake news, it’s usually at the expense of the mainstream news,” he added.

In January, Facebook suspended the accounts of more than 300 fake news pages after the site noticed that some of them were using their Facebook profile to promote their fake news articles.

The company later removed the pages, which were still active.

“This is an opportunity for Facebook to make its content more easily accessible to its community, while still protecting the safety and security of the platform,” the Facebook spokesperson said.

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