Can a vegan egg be just as good as an egg from a conventional dairy farm?

A study from the University of Queensland suggests the answer to this is yes, with the best of both worlds.

In the paper, published in the journal PLOS ONE, the team analysed milk from a vegan cow, and found that when fed in vitro, the milk contained up to 17 times more vitamin C than the conventional egg.

But the vegan milk contained no cholesterol, protein, and minerals, the researchers noted.

The dairy cow had also been fed with plant-based nutrients, which were found to improve its milk quality.

“The vegan milk was about three times more digestible than the egg, and we could also see that the dairy cow was less likely to have any problems with diarrhoea,” said Professor Michael Fagan from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University.

“There was no evidence that the plant-free cow was going to suffer any ill effects from the cow’s diet.”

The results of the study were presented in the Journal of Dairy Science.

It is thought that vegans are able to take more nutrients from dairy products than non-vegans because they do not have to use animal products.

“We know that dairy cows, when they’re pregnant, have less milk for the milk to digest,” Professor Fagan said.

“So that’s why the vegan cows, who are on a vegan diet, are able more readily to digest the nutrients in their milk.”

In order to understand why the cows are better than their conventional counterparts, the scientists looked at their behaviour and behaviour over the next two years.

“Our cow had a lot of problems and she was getting sick, so we started looking at her behaviour and we found that she was eating much less and she didn’t have as many bad reactions as the cows,” Professor Michael said.

Professor Fagan’s team is currently working with a dairy farmer to find out how to use a plant- based food in their dairy.

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